Today’s blog, Personal Power, is the second in the self-empowerment series where I’ve been covering the key elements to staying empowered no matter what life throws at you.  Last week I covered the self part of self-empowerment and in today’s episode, I’ll cover ways to reclaim personal power through making your own happiness, accessing greater self-love, releasing your need to control, and setting good boundaries that will allow you to disengage from unnecessary power struggles that diminish self-empowerment.  You’ll experience a guided meditation to access a deeper level of personal power on all levels of being with consciousness medicine.

A great way to build your personal power is to activate your mind-body connection so that your conscious presence and physical body can work together harmoniously.   When illness or injury impacts our quality of life, it can feel as though we are being disempowered by our own bodies.  This creates an instant inner conflict that pits you against yourself, which will diminish personal power. 

But when you can activate the fullness of your mind-body connection, your body becomes a best friend who is alerting you of an issue you need to look at.  Pain, injury and illness are all signs of needing rest, lifestyle adjustments or to release the emotions of the past that are creating dysregulation in the physical body. 

Finding a place of gratitude for the issue, allows you to listen more deeply to the messages your body is expressing.  To bring full health and well-being.  This brings forward greater personal power as it allows you to work with yourself rather than against.  To understand that conflicting parts with you are still on the same team – team you, brings forward greater compassion, self-love and personal power.

The need to control is a deep safety strategy.  It creates a self-imposed boundary with the world where one feels like they have greater control, which leads to a false sense of safety.  Control is simply misdirected power. 

The need to control is a safety mechanism to manage fear.  Anything that is driven by fear has an element of disempowerment running through it.  Taking an honest look at your relationship to control will allow you to reclaim your personal power and repurpose it to work for you instead of against you. 

The nice way to do this is to notice your emotional response to situations where things don’t go your way.  Do you get angry, feel defeated, or overreact?  If so, then you have some clearing to do in your emotional body to allow you to find a deeper sense of safety within. 

To know that everything will be ok, that you are resilient enough to weather the storm, that you can call in the support you need and can make clear empowered decisions to not only get through it but grow from the challenge.  

Boundaries are one of the most important factors in maintaining the sense of self and personal power needed to support true self-empowerment.   When you are connected to your needs, which I covered in the last episode, it makes it easier to set boundaries with yourself and others that are aligned with truth, and self-love and allow you to maintain your personal power. 

This means sometimes having to say no, which can bring forward feelings of guilt or worry about hurting other people’s feelings.  No is one of the most empowering words when said from a heartfelt place driven by alignment with your truth, needs, and happiness.

Being responsible for creating your own happiness is another important factor in building greater personal power.  It is a key to good relationships as it releases the reliance on another person to make you happy.  Take a moment to think about the things in your life that you do for yourself to be happy. 

In the busy lives of modern life, we often sideline the things that make us happy for obligations to work, family, relationships and financial support. This can lead to feeling disempowered by your life as you become trapped in a cycle of obligations rather than expressing your passion in life. 

Happiness, joy, laughter and contentment are all important things to include in your life on a daily basis to keep your life force energy tank full, which supports personal power, safety and a strong sense of self.  If you notice there aren’t a lot of things in your life now that bring happiness think about the things you did as a child that filled you with glee. 

Watching a funny movie, playing outside in nature, having fun with friends, doing arts and crafts, reading, playing sports or doing something creative.  Make a conscious decision to bring more of these into your life so that your happiness stores are full, which brings forward greater resilience, positivity and harmony on all levels of being.

In the companion podcast episode below you can experience a guided meditation journey to access greater personal power by letting go of the past, restoring your sense of self and allowing more joy, peace and self-love in to support you in accessing greater self-empowerment.

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