Today’s blog, Self-Empowerment Activation, is the last of the self-empowerment series where I’ve been guiding you through the key steps to embody yourself and access your personal power.  In today’s episode, we’ll integrate these two elements and cover key aspects of self-empowerment across all levels of being: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.  I’ll outline ways to support and sustain self-empowerment across your body matrix and guide you in a meditation to activate a deeper level of self-empowerment for clarity, self-love and ease in manifesting what you want in life.

In the previous two blogs, I’ve covered the importance of having a strong sense of self, being in touch with your needs, being responsible for your own happiness, setting good boundaries, and engaging with your mind-body connection as a pathway on the journey to self-empowerment.  Today I will take you through an example of how to access self-empowerment across your body matrix using the practice of consciousness medicine.

Your body matrix is made up of interdimensional bodies that hold your physical essence, emotional makeup, ancestral lineage, energetic vibration and spiritual presence.  When you struggle to stay self-empowered the likelihood of having a disturbance in one or several aspects of the body matrix is high.  By working across each component of the body matrix you can align your entire being in a place free from disempowering dynamics and access self-empowerment in all situations in life.

From the physical body perspective, self-empowerment hacks are to keep the nervous system strong, get consistent and restorative sleep, consume healthy food and clean water, minimize stress and prioritise self-care practices to rest, recover and rejuvenate your body.  When we become depleted due to lack of sleep, poor diet, stress, or nervous system dysregulation we will more easily feel disempowered. 

For example, when you feel disempowered, overwhelmed or out of control take a moment to check in and see if you are depleted in any of these areas.  Usually, the answer is yes, which makes the solution simple – to make yourself a priority to regain your physical power through healthy lifestyle choices and nervous system supporters like meditation, yoga or supplements like lion’s mane functional mushrooms, zinc and magnesium.

From the energy body perspective, clearing and balancing the chakras – particularly the root, solar plexus and heart are essential in restoring your energy body to a strong and fully intact system that allows you to hold the power you need to access self-empowerment.  Energy healing, sound baths, chanting or listening to music played at the frequency of each chakra will introduce the healthy frequencies of energy needed to restore harmony to your energy body.

One of the primary ways we become disempowered is when a trigger from childhood becomes activated and we regress to the age where we experience a hurt, shock or trauma.  When this happens, we lose connection with our adult sense of self, alive in the here and now, giving our power away or allowing it to be taken by others. Working with a trained therapist to unwire these triggers allows you to stay connected to the present-day, fully resourced and empowered version of you.

From a self-help perspective, being aware of your own triggers like abandonment, anger, being told what to do or being treated rudely for example, can help you not only stay more empowered when the trigger is activated but also be able to avoid triggering situations by choosing more empowering ones.

Ancestral entanglements to the past are deeply disempowering as we give our power away to try to heal the family soul or collective energy of our lineage.   Since these are deeply embedded in our subconscious minds, when we act out the ancestral dynamics it can feel like self-sabotage.  This creates an inner conflict that drains our personal power leading to feeling disempowered.  Using the Movements of the Family Soul approach to Family Constellation work, a systemic ancestral healing therapy developed by Bert Hellinger you can respectfully and completely release these puppet strings that hold you back from expressing the truth of who you are.

When you do this, it allows for a greater flow of life force energy into your body matrix, to be held by your spiritual body to support you in knowing the essence of yourself to know you deserve to be happy, healthy and loved in life.  From this place your entire body matrix becomes aligned with a self-empowered state of being that transcends difficult situations or people allowing you to feel connected, speak from your heart and have the confidence to express the divine nature of your being in all situations.

Self-empowerment comes from being strong, clear and balanced across our body matrix.  I hope this series has helped shine a light on places where you can improve your sense of self, access greater personal power and be able to remain calm, heart centred and strong when faced with difficult situations or people. 

Remember that everything happens in divine order, and difficult situations arise not only to promote personal growth but in direct response to what you have asked for.  Keeping this in mind also helps you stay empowered when you face challenges because it means what you have been asking for is beginning to manifest.  You just need to clear some things out of the way before your intention can come to full fruition.

In the companion podcast episode below you can experience a guided meditation journey to to activate self-empowerment on all levels of being with consciousness medicine.

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