In today’s blog, I will cover the 10 steps to personal transformation to guide you on your healing path or personal growth journey.  These are the steps I’ve developed from working with thousands of clients over the last 2 decades. 

You’ll get tips on how to recognise and master each step and experience a guided meditation to support you in making positive changes in your life.

The 10 Steps to Personal Growth: Preparation, Support, Detoxif, Release, Transform, Replenish, Integrate, Habituate, Rebuild & Grow, Sustain.

As you read this list of the 10 steps, I encourage you to first listen to the list as a whole and see if there are any steps that you may not have thought about before as each step carries its own importance to the overall whole.  If you’re feeling stuck in one of the steps, have a look at the steps on either side of it to see if you might need some work there to get things moving again.

Starting at # 1 on the list is Preparation.  To create a clear intention for what you want to create and what you want to let go of.  I call these the present state and desired states. If you don’t have a clear intention it is impossible to track progress, celebrate wins and course-correct if needed.  You can have several intentions at once, from lighter to deeper or for different aspects of being.

Step #2 is Support.  Making changes, especially ones to deeply routed patterns, can be stressful to the system.   This is why self-care practices are so important. This helps keep your life force energy tank full so that when you get to the more difficult steps, you’ve got the energy reserves needed to get through.

Step #3 is to Detoxify – this may mean something different from what you’re used to as this isn’t about doing a juice cleanse or anything it is simply about coming back fully to yourself on all levels of being to take back what belongs to you and give back what belongs to others like the collective, your ancestors or your workplace.  This allows for greater efficiency in making changes since you can focus on yourself and not be dragging other energies with you that may reduce clarity, progress and results.

Step #4 is Release – Letting go of the old is necessary for making room for the new.  Part of the release is to leave a space empty for what you want to create next.  Sometimes the release can be easy, but sometimes the thing we want to release has a deeply rooted positive intention to some part of us.  This is where resistance to change comes from and the best way to counter this is to find gratitude for what resources you have gained through this experience. Acknowledging all the good you have gained from the challenging experience.  Let go of the old by acknowledging its positive purpose. 

Step #5 Transform – this is the part where the magic happens, and where you become a conduit for discreating the old and creating the new.  In a few minutes I’ll take you through a guided meditation to experience how to do this with the CxM tools.

Step #6 Replenish – Fill your life force tank with all the good qualities and characteristics of the desired state.  Fill the space within you where you have just released and welcomed in transformation.  This is essential to keep the change vibrant and manifested.

Step #7 Integrate – This is rest and recovery time that allows you to reap the benefits of the harvest you have just created.  When you achieve your goal, take space to enjoy it. 

Step #8 Habituate – it takes 21 days to begin to make a new habit, so staying with the new way of being, thinking, or feeling is best supported by repetition over time. 

Step #9 Rebuild & Grow– allow yourself to build on the new way, using the old as a foundation to support the new way making your foundation more stable and fertile. 

Step # 10 Sustain your positive change.  This can mean making external changes but this can also be done more effectively by sustaining the positive change within you and working towards maintaining it independent of external circumstances.

I’ll now take you through a guided meditation to experience these steps in a very real way. You can also listen to this article in the companion Healing Codes Podcast episode with the link below.


Take a few breaths to centre and ground yourself.

Drop into your heart and create your Intention

The experience  you want to release the experience you want to bring in

These are the Present and desired states.

Get a sense of both now.

Come back to breath.

Begin to access the presence of healing and the transformation state to address your intention

Breathe and relax.

Now brings your awareness to the top of the head, the crown chakra

Ask to clear and balance this energy centre.

Now bring your awareness to the third eye. Ask for any clearing and support to open intuition, guidance, your inner knowing your inner wisdom

Bring your awareness to the throat chakra and ask to clear any areas of disturbance now. Visualize the blue colour of the chakra.  Allow any healing needed to come in to be able to speak your truth with compassion and that you are safe always

Now bring your awareness to the Heart Chakra

Visualise an emerald-green ball of light in your chest

See the green, gold, and pink colours of the heart chakra.

With each breath allow that energy to become bigger like fanning a fire allowing the energy of the heart chakras to expand to fill your whole body to hold space for the clearing of your entire system.

Now bring your awareness to the abdomen, where the solar plexus chakra is.

 Ask for any clearing you need here so that you can access greater empowerment, set good boundaries, access what you meant to do in life and clear any old emotions stores here no longer serve the greatest good.  Welcome in the beautiful energy like the ball of the sun into your abdomen healing your body matrix on all levels of being associated with this area of your body.

Bring your awareness to your sacral chakra. Like the golden glow of the setting sun.  The power centre, the emotional centre and the sexual centers. The chakra is associated with creativity and flexibility. Clear any disturbances to bring forward the power of the sacral chakra.

Now bring your awareness to the root chakra.  Ask to clear any areas of disturbance so that you may access greater safety, self-confidence, self-esteem, grounding stability and feel at home.

Welcome in the healing energies of the earth spiriting up through your body

Allow the energy of the crown to come down from above.

Allow these 2 currents to travel up and down your body along your central channel.  Allowing each chakra to become aligned  on your central channel

Take a moment to sense you energy field, or auric layer, around you

How far out in front does it go in front of you?

Just notice

How far our does it go behind you

How far out toes it go to the right  and left of you

Connect the dots like an energetic hula hoop

Are you in the centre or off-centre

Move back into the centre of the energetic ring that signifies your auric layer

Plug in above and below you allow life force energy to flow through you

Fill you auric layer with heart energy

Amplify the heart frequency this heals any area of your auric layer that is weak, damaged, broken or dented.

This heart energy heals and bring you into the fullness of who you are in this energetic state

Hold your intention you identified at the beginning of this meditation in your heart

The desired state you want to bring in.

Bring it in and welcome in transformation

Holding this balanced state of being, to access the transformation space, expand you awareness – room, county, earth, out to solar system as afar as you awareness takes you until you are in a place of infinite potential

Hold the desired state in you heart.

Allow just like a light to come to you from the infinite potential field

Let it land in your field and it grows and grows as it fills you with light

As you thankfully respect the present state for how it has served you.

You are now choosing harmony, light, full health and abundance

As you witness the transformation

Be aware of the present state leaving and going back into infinite potential as the present state comes into your heart like a firefly of light igniting the heart frequencies in each of your chakras filling your entire auric layer with your intention so that it will manifest in your reality quickly and easily because you deserve to have what you want

Harmony is your divine nature

Health is something you have

It’s safe to receive all the abundance of life you wish

Take a moment to breathe these in

Take a moment to sense your auric layers

Back to body

Back to breath

Breathe in the healing you’ve received and exhale what no longer serves

Do this 2 more times

Inhale life force energies and exhale what no longer serves.

Allow the breath to come to a normal pace

Bring awareness behind your closed eyes

Move fingers and toes and come back fully to the here and now.


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