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I’ll cover a 10-step plan to thrive your business and bring more abundance into your life.  Whether you are just starting or have an established career, these steps will bring greater health and vibrancy to your business, career or livelihood. You will learn the secret sauce to success for a balanced work-life balance while working your passion.   Enjoy this journey to create a positive mindset around self-worth, finances and connection. 

The intention is what manifestation is centred around.  Step one helps set a clear, heartfelt, grounded intention by creating mission and vision statements for your work and business.  Having a clear vision and mission for your business supercharges the power of your intention.  Which activates the co-creative forces of the universe to manifest your hearth’s desires. 

A mission is the what of your business and the vision is how you will achieve that.  No need to spend loads of time on this or use it as an obstruction to get started on the path.  Simply drop into your heart and go with the first thing that comes into your mind. When you ask yourself these questions: what do you hope to accomplish with your work and how are you inspired to do that?  Use your vision and mission statements as a mantra, starting your day with it as you begin work, for example, is a great way to set your work day on the path aligned with your heart. 

Next, ask yourself What is your true passion in life?  If you could do anything at all what would you want to do for work?  What are you good at?  What are your favourite parts of your work? What do you love to do?  Step two is about finding that passion within you to unlock the creative flow of abundance.  When you work your passion the abundance will come. Clients, purchases, followers.  Just because you’re good at something doesn’t necessarily mean that you love it. Find the skills you enjoy, and be honest with yourself. Define your passions by describing the main characteristics rather than how they are manifested.  This helps release attachment to the outcome and the result to be greater than you could imagine.

Step three, make friends with your finances.  Fear and money often come together which constricts the flow of abundance.  Calm, joy and gratitude open up the flow of abundance.  Having greater comfort around finances and less fear involves revising limiting beliefs around money. Do you feel you have to work hard to make money?  Or that you’re not good enough to be successful?  These are limiting beliefs that will get in your way.  Shifting into a mindset where you have more empowering beliefs such as I can work smarter not harder to achieve my goals.  I am grateful to open up to receive the gifts of the universe in the form of money.  Know your financial goals. Make a financial plan from a place of joy, pride and excitement.

Step four, Identify your ideal client. Who are the people that if you worked with every day, you would feel happy and fulfilled?  Who are the people who would most benefit from what you have to offer that would elevate you in what you do?  This point is business 101, and I encourage you to go deeper with it than you may have already.  To release ancestral entanglements or revise limiting beliefs or energetic disturbances that might be in the way of you connecting fully with your idea clients.   Family Constellation work or Consciousness Medicine are great ways to support this shift.   Hint: your ideal client is a past version of yourself before you knew what you know now.    What is the main struggle of your ideal client and what are you offering to help ease the pain?  How are you unique in your offerings?  What sets you apart from the crowd?  Take a moment to celebrate yourself as you come up with these answers.

Step five:  Be authentic and walk your talk.  I like to call this ‘be your own business card’ by fully embodying your philosophy of lie while connecting that to your business.  When you are working your passion and manifesting your mission and vision in what you do, you will become a magnet for clients. 

Step Six is an important one that is often a new one for people, but it is one of the most important parts to a healthy work-life balance and allow yourself to be who you are, not what you do.  Separate your sense of self from your business.  Make them two separate entities in your mindset and decisions.  While the two run on the same ethos, they follow different rule sets for success.  For example, if you get a less-than-optimal result at work, do not see this as a personal failure.  It’s just business, not a reflection of your self-worth.   This way your business success is not tied to your personal ups and downs in life.  Instead, your business can be steady and consistently abundant no matter what you’re going through in your personal life.     

Step seven: Have a web presence. This process is useful not necessarily because of the advertising your website can do but because of the process of creating your electronic business card. And plugging into the energetic matrix that is the internet.  It can be a simple site with a home page describing who you are, what you do and what you offer.  With your mission and vision on there too.  You can also plug in an e-commerce system to manage product payments and content management systems for education.  Having a web presence is essential to be counted as a stable and established business, which builds customer confidence and loyalty.  With so many options out there, making it easy for people to get a sense of who you are when doing their research on you is important.   Include a recent picture since people love to get a sense of who they were working with and a photo is a good way to allow them to connect with you.  Include testimonials on your website.  You can ask customers for reviews on various online sources associated with your business and an easy way to build a testimonial library is to repurpose those reviews.  Ask people who have had a positive experience with you to write a testimonial from the place of what would they like someone to know who is thinking about working with you. Listen to verbal feedback and capture that as customer feedback.  Now, welcome the positive feedback fully into your heart.  Receive the love people have for what you do and it will open up the channels to receive more.  If you don’t or can’t appreciate or acknowledge the positive feedback, then this is a sign your receiving channels are blocked which will limit the flow of abundance.  Working to open up your receiving channels through the movements of the family soul family constellation approach I’ve developed and working with the energy and emotional bodies with consciousness medicine will help remove the obstacles and bring guaranteed success.

Step eight.  Connect into the soul of your business.  Businesses are systemic organisations and have different parts that make up the whole that is guided by a collective energy of who makes up the business.  Family Constellation work is a system therapy that mainly works with family dynamics, but is also applied to businesses to look at the relationships between owners, employees, departments and locations.  To have a business aligned with harmony is the path to creating abundance.  See your business as a living organism, or an ecosystem to realise your vision and mission.

Step 9 Celebrate Yourself.  When we’re goal-oriented we tend to be hyper focused on the end the end and forget to look back over our shoulder to see all we’ve accomplished.  Set milestones along the way so you can monitor progress and celebrate yourself and everyone involved.  Studies show the more positive reinforcement we receive, the happier and more motivated we are.  Celebrate your wins, goals achieved and successes with a self-care reward.  Get a massage, eat at your favourite restaurant, or invite a friend over to celebrate with you. This will help your whole system to achieve goals.  And help you recover and integrate your last achievement before going on to the next. 

Step 10.  Make self-care a priority.  If you get worn out and sick, and can’t work anymore will that help you achieve your business goals? Um, no.  Prioritising yourself to reduce stress, allow for recovery time, have fun and play in your daily life, do things that feel your soul and allow yourself a break from thinking about your business.  A fresh perspective always brings clarity and creativity.  Being the best version of yourself will bring out the best version of your business.

Abundance is an inside job and when you can remove internal blockages and open up your receiving channels, you will set yourself up for success and thrive your business along the way.


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