In today’s blog, I’ll be exploring the power of neurobiology to promote deep and lasting change on all levels of being.  You’ll learn about how our brain is wired for success and the key factors that stop us from accessing our full power and purpose in life.  You’ll experience a guided meditation to activate the power of your neurobiology to make the biochemical shifts needed to create the experiences in life your heart desires.


Key Topics Include:

  • What is Neuro-biology and why is it important for making lasting change. 
  • How NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) repatterns your brain chemistry.
  • Key success factors in upgrading your neural net pathways.
  • The part your brain chemistry plays in creating your reality.
  • Practical NLP self-help tool to rewire your brain to create the experience of life you want: The What-If Frame.
  • Guided meditation to upgrade your neural net pathways to align with your desired state so that you can. more easily manifest it in your reality.

If you’ve been reading this podcast you know my work of Consciousness Medicine is a holistic, or whole personal approach that takes a look at issues on all levels of being: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual. The only way we can heal fully is to clear disturbances and restore harmony on all these levels of being.  Part of the deep efficacy of the Consciousness Medicine work is the inclusion of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as a foundational tool to work with the emotional body through working with neural net pathways and internal brain programs responsible for creating our experience of reality.  NLP is an elegant toolbox that allows us to bring subconscious patterning to the surface in gentle ways that literally reprogram our brain chemistry to support what we wish to manifest in life.  With tools like revising limiting beliefs, repatterning childhood imprints, and unwiring emotional triggers that get in our way, NLP frees us from the hold habituated patterns have on us that can be life-changing.  

NLP targets our neurobiology which is one of the reasons why it is so direct and effective in promoting lasting change.  In order for a change to become habituated, our brain chemistry must align with this new way and run the neurology associated with the new way enough times that it biologically shifts our mindset into a new essence of being that drives our decisions, actions, thoughts and behaviours.

From an energy body perspective, this change in our brain chemistry also shifts our vibrational frequency so that the signals we send out that create our reality also change.  This allows us to have a different experience of life as our internal changes radiate out and bring us experiences in reality to match this.

For example, suppose you feel unsafe in the world or with people and experience anxiety from that.  You will have brain chemistry associated with this that you have run for a long time, creating an energetic signature around it.   Your vibrational frequency will be aligned with that.  And since like attracts like, you will draw to you more experiences that allow you to continue to feel unsafe and anxious. 

You will then start to keep a lookout for unsafe situations to try to prepare yourself for it, hoping to lessen any negative effect. But what really ends up happening is that when you put your creative attention into looking for something, you will bring it into your reality.  And you will continue to experience situations where you feel fearful and anxious. 

But, when you change your brain chemistry to a way that supports the beliefs that the world is safe, people are supportive and the world is an infinite source of unconditional love then this frequency will be sent out by your system so that you can call in the experiences in life that match health, happiness and wellbeing.   In other words, where you put your attention, what you think and how you create your mindset directly affect the reality you create for yourself. So in order to change your experience of reality, you must first change the vibration of your neurobiology by creating new neural net pathways in your brain.

 Neural net pathways are the way your brain functions by sending electrical signals between neurons to signal all our body’s functions.  Neurons are like energetic railroad systems, creating tracks in your brain that automate frequently travelled routes.  To do this, neurons form relationships with other neurons to build neural net pathways.  Electrical signals of the brain travel along these pathways, hoping between neurons as they do.  They have to hop because neurons do not actually touch to make the pathway, they only come into a close enough proximity so the electricity can jump across.  While this may not seem very efficient, the brain is wired this way to be able to make changes more quickly by simply re-routing these electrical signals rather than having to build new physical structures.  This is important because it allows for greater flexibility to make changes more quickly.  This is known as neuroplasticity, where the neural net pathways of the brain can reorganize easily in response to new stimuli and adapt.   When we can understand neurobiology in this way, we can use this knowledge to leverage how the brain is structured to create new mindsets, experiences and realities by generating new stimuli based on an intention to create new pathways.

When we are setting out to upgrade our neural net pathways, we must also appreciate the old conditioned pathways that have been running for the last few decades based on our unconscious choices.  Choices to be loyal to ancestral entanglements, for example, that keep us tied to creating suffering in our lives or old belief structures that kept us safe as children. Thankfully making changes to our neural net pathways doesn’t take decades, it can be done fairly quickly by learning to retrain how you think which will alter your brain chemistry.   This takes conscious awareness of the old pathway and a strong presence of being to hold aspects of the new pathway until it becomes the dominant one we run on a day-to-day basis.  Like a river that carves out the canyon from decades of flow in one direction, we can re-route the river to create a new flow that will form the depth of lasting change that will shift our vibration and create a new reality to match that.

So how do we do this?  One practical way to begin to rewire your own brain is this.  When you experience a feeling, mindset of attitude that no longer serves your greatest good, simply stop and become aware of it.  Without judgement, bring awareness to this old habituated way of being.  “Oh, this is me running that way of thinking, mindset, attitude again.”  The act of bringing awareness to it in a compassionate way interrupts the flow of energy along the neural net pathway. And creates an opening for a new choice for a new way of being.

Noticing this without judgment or conflict is important here.  If we try to get rid of or exclude something in our field it has the opposite effect energetically.  What you resist persists.  So, simply notice it with awareness.  Acknowledge this is an old way of being that is no longer aligned with what you want to create in life.  And let it go.  Then bring your awareness fully to what you want to be experiencing instead.  I want to create…I want to feel…I want to experience.    This is the desired state.  Now elevate the manifestation energies of these statements by creating a picture of a future version of yourself that is living this new way of being.  What are the characteristics, lifestyle or presence associated with this desired state?  Be as specific as possible, while also allowing enough room in the intention for the universe to deliver it to you in ways you may not be aware of quite yet.

If you find it difficult to come up with a new way of being you’d like to be experiencing, that’s ok.  This can happen at the start and I promise you it will get easier.  What you can do in these cases is to take pause when you notice the present state of being you want to change and then ask ‘What If’ questions.  What if things could be different, how would that look, feel and be?  What if I knew how to shift my mindset to support health, happiness and love?  What if I knew life could be the way I want it to be? 

You get the idea.  The ‘What if’ question helps to lessen the flow through the old neural net pathways as it sends the brain off on a task to find other ways of being.  It also allows you to begin to build new neural net pathways to support having other choices in life situations that do not nourish your greatest good.  The power of the What is question is magical.  So try it out with an old pattern you’d like to change and repeat it as often as necessary until the automation of the new neural net pathways takes hold.  It takes 21 days to make a new habit, so committing to this process for that length of time on a daily basis will change your brain chemistry to support the experiences of life that are fulfilling on all levels of being.

You can amplify this by recognizing the state of misalignment and taking a photo of it in your mind’s eye.  A snapshot in time.  Now take that picture of that moment in time and verify it is indeed a still picture.  If it is moving, select one frame of the movie so that is comes into stillness and you can observe it from an external perspective, like looking at a photo.  Now change the colour photo to black and white.  Notice how this lessens the emotions you may feel about what you are looking at.  Now move that picture away from you until it is the size of a postage stamp as you bring in a vibrantly colored photo of what you want to experience instead.  Breathe, let go and repeat this each time you feel the less-than-optimal state become present for you and remember to bring in the experience you want to have. 

This rewires your brain to begin to build the tracks to allow the new neural net pathways to be formed that will adjust your vibration in a way that will assist you in manifesting this in your life. 

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