Today’s blog is a follow-up to last week’s episode Brain Power giving you information and tools to harness your brain power to change a negative mindset to a positive and fulfilling one.   I’ll cover the 5 main reasons why we get stuck on the personal growth path and ways to activate a different mindset to get you back on track to achieve your goals in life.  You’ll experience a guided meditation to access a more positive mindset, supported by self-love, trust and empowerment.

Key Topics Include:

  • The importance of identifying the source of an issue to be successful at creating change.
  • The importance of a holistic view and how to apply it to maximize the integration required for change.
  • How shifting out of a problem-focused view is necessary to achieve your goals.
  • The energetics of manifestation.
  • Exercise to change your mindset to be more positive-focused with best-case scenario energy.
  • Guided meditation to access greater self-love, appreciation and the ability to trust your inner wisdom.

I was recently contacted by someone who felt confused and frustrated that the main issue they experience in life is still present for them after trying many different therapeutic modalities for the last decade.  Do I just have to learn to live with it or is there a way to change my mindset to change my outcome?  They asked.  They’ve been listening to my recordings and resonated with opening their heart for healing and listening to their needs and wants.  Now they needed stronger tools to create the change within themselves.  This person is not alone and maybe you feel or have felt this way too.  That you know what you want but still keep running the old stories with family, friends or coworkers.

Let’s talk about ways we get stuck and how to break open to a new way of thinking to create a mindset that will validate the experience in life you want to have.  If the issue is still present, then the source of the issue has not been identified or treated.  So, the first place I look is to identify the deeper more complex reasons why an issue is present.  A migraine, for example, may be stress or hormonally related but it is also the body’s way of asking for rest and recovery.  Anxiety may be due to brain chemistry imbalances or emotional imprints, while it is also a deeper way of trying to keep us alert and aware so we can remain safe.

Taking a holistic view is essential to identifying the source of an issue since the main cause might go far deeper than the symptoms it presents.  Identifying the source of an issue takes time to let the complexity simplify as the layers are worked.  The key to looking for the source of the issue is to let go of the problem-focused view and instead look for the value the issue is providing.  Once we can identify how it is serving some part of us, we can have compassion for it and gratitude for the resources it has provided.  For example, Anxiety is really a safety pattern and illness is a call for rest, recovery and renewal. 

The second reason why issues can seem persistent is if the combination of therapies being used either do not cover all levels of being or is not allowed to integrate sufficiently.  For example, my Consciousness Medicine practice includes knowledge and tools to treat all aspects of the body matrix: physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual.  Every issue will have each one of these components and must be worked in a mindful and cyclic way to unravel the issue so that it can be released.  Each aspect must be worked in a way to support the others while releasing the issue bit by bit until it is completely dis-created, allowing a new reality to be created in its place. 

The third reason why issues can seem resistant to treatment is too much focus on the problem state and not enough on the solution or desired state.  While it’s ok to identify and name the issue, we must not get stuck there.  This is a problem-focused way of trying to make changes which will work some of the time, but for the deeper issues, it can become a distraction from making the transformation. 

The energetic dynamics of change are that the outcome with the largest energetic presence will manifest.  So when dealing with an issue that is decades lived, for example, it will have a strong energy to it.  A desired state hasn’t been lived yet, so it by nature will have a weaker energy.  Unpacking the characteristics of what you want to create and meditating on it every day in a way that you begin to create more energy associated with it, will allow it to manifest in reality. Taking time to celebrate the progress you’ve made, and how an issue might be slightly different than before will add to the positive energy of the desired state. 

Reason four is that issues can seem difficult to release because the personal growth cannot be habituated and needs a more concentrated in-depth approach.  I find weekend events good for this as a full weekend in a healing space allows the system to remain in the changed state longer giving the brain chemistry the time it needs to adjust and habituate the change.  This is one of the reasons why I love giving Family Constellation weekend retreats since they combine relaxation practices like meditation and yoga together with workshop sessions that allow a new way of being to settle in more readily.  Combined with fresh, vibrant food and time in nature this adds another level of support to feeling nourished and safe enough to truly welcome in change.  My next retreat is June 21-23 in Co. Wicklow Ireland and you can find those details on my website and social media.

The 5th reason the issue may seem resistant to therapeutic treatments is that you are being called to go more deeply to find the healing power within yourself rather than seeking it from others.  When we are making big shifts in our lives, at a master level, it takes some self-help to find the self-empowerment needed to really decide to make a change.  The final step is for you to step into the change.  While it can be supported by others it is a solo journey of rebirth.  Taking time to go more deeply into stillness and silence is always the answer here, for this allows you to find a truer connection to your inner wisdom, sense of self and full choice over your experience in life.  This is why I offer on-demand courses since the power of self-study is a necessary step in creating lasting change.

One of my favourite practices to create a mindset to support a new way of being is to be aware of the outcomes you are focusing your creative attention on.  When we get stressed or have past trauma, the tendency for worst-case scenario thinking becomes heightened.  Coming up with all the ways things could go wrong is a safety pattern.  The brain will become programmed to keep an eye out for the risks to try to avoid them to create the best outcome.  The problem with this approach is that the worry, fear and stress associated with worst-case-scenario thinking adds more energy to the problem state, making the shift into a new way of being more difficult.   So what can you do if you’re caught in this loop?

The best way to retrain the brain is to focus creative attention on the best-case scenarios.  For every worst-case scenario your brain comes up with, come up with at least three best-case scenarios.  As if a genie has popped out of a bottle and granted you three wishes. Drop into your heart and make 3 wishes, without needing to know how or even if they are possible.  Continue to build on each wish making the next one better and better.  From a non-judgmental, unconditional love and heartfelt gratitude place.  

What this does is that it begins to change your brain chemistry to support a positive outcome and to include new neural net pathways to support positive thinking.  And when your brain chemistry aligns with the possibility of a different way, then your vibration will match this and you will be able to manifest this in your reality more easily.

If any of these resonated with you, where you are in your journey today then I hope this gives you the knowledge and confidence on what your next step is.  If not, then I also offer 1:! Sessions for Consciousness Medicine and Family Constellations to help break out of the old patterns so that a new mindset can take hold and manifest the experience of life you want.

I’ll now take you through a guided meditation to help you activate a more positive mindset by keeping a positive viewpoint and connecting to the best-case-scenario thinking while building greater self-love, self-empowerment and trust.

Take a moment to find a comfortable position in a distraction-free and quiet place.

Take a few slow deep breaths and allow your mind and body to relax into stillness and quiet.

Now think of a personal intention or goal you recently completed.  One that was important to you that you worked on consistently over time.

In this present moment on your timeline, celebrate this achievement.  A self-hug, a way to go, a well done!  As if it were a friend who had achieved a goal and you are congratulating them, proud of the achievement and celebrating a job well done. 

Open your heart and receive this praise.

Now turn your attention to the past.  Visualise your past timeline extending out from your left side back to birth. 

Now get a sense of all the past versions of you who put work into achieving this outcome.

Give special attention to the past version of you who created the intention of this goal.

Thank all those past versions of yourself for having the wisdom, courage and resilience to wish for and follow through on this intention.  Congratulate them and celebrate them.  Invite them to a party of all the versions of you past and present who assisted in bringing a successful outcome into manifestation.

Let all those past versions know that together you have achieved the goal and the present version of you lives it now every day.

Now turn your attention to your future. Visualise your future timeline extending out to your right.

Now think of your current intention for change, healing or manifestation. 

Picture a future version of yourself who has achieved what you want.  Stay fully present in the now as you look at a picture of a future version of you experiencing your desired state.  What are they wearing, who is around them and where are they?

Now in your mind’s eye step into that future version of yourself to get a deeper sense of what it is like to have what you want.  What is this future version of you thinking, feeling or doing? 

From this future place look back along the timeline to the present state version of you today. What word of advice or support does your future self have for this present state version?  What wisdom can you share between the future and your present?

With this information step out of the future version and come back fully to the present version in the here and now of today.  Absorb this message from your future self into your heart.  Along with a hug of gratitude from your future self for having this intention you are working on that will be manifested in the future.

Feel the love, gratitude, pride and support in this present-day version of yourself radiating out to the past and back from the future.  Reciprocate this love and appreciation in an exchange of energy that unites your past, present and future in a mutual embrace of love and appreciation.  What does your present state self want to give your future self as a gift to help make the dream a reality?  This gift is the next step for you to get to the future you want.

Take a moment to breathe this through your entire being.  Sense the support you now have of all the versions of you from the past and all the versions yet to be.  How does this make you feel?  What do you notice? 

Stay here as long as you’d like. Or if it feels complete begin to bring your awareness back to your body as you make gentle movements and come back fully to the now.

This is a wonderful self-love practice you can do when you need a boost.

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