In today’s blog I’ll guide you to understand how physical and emotional pain is a valuable source of wisdom when we learn how to listen consciously.  From this place, we can use treatment methods to encompass all levels of being (physical, energetic, emotional, ancestral and spiritual) to promote transformation in a meaningful and lasting way.

  • Key Topics Include:

    • Understand the mechanisms of pain at a deeper level.
    • How current pain treatments can benefit from a holistic approach.
    • Consciousness Medicine treatment examples for physical and emotional pain: sciatica, anxiety & depression

We’ve all experienced pain of some kind in our lives, from headaches to heartbreaks, it is part of the human experience.  Pain can be acute or chronic and the standard course of treatment is to alleviate and eliminate it in order to bring forward peace, calm and relaxation.   In this way, we tend to treat pain like a nuisance or unwelcome visitor.  Waiting until it departs or taking medication to make it more tolerable so we can get on with life.

Pushing through pain, distracting yourself from it or ignoring it hoping it will get better on its own will only make the issue chronic, making it more difficult to release. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) cites that about 296 million people have used medication for pain. Among them, about 60 million people use opioids, a stronger class of painkillers used when over-the-counter pain isn’t enough.  My heart honestly breaks my heart to hear how many people are living in pain.

From an emotional pain perspective, the WHO estimates that 970 million people worldwide are living with anxiety and depression.  The silver lining of this storm cloud is that there is now more awareness of mental health, additional services and less of a stigma around it.  Medication is often used to lessen the intensity of these emotions to lessen the pain. 

I believe in a complementary approach to healthcare where prescription medications can be used in conjunction with natural and holistic modalities for the best outcome.  And if the ever-increasing number of prescriptions written per year is an indicator, we need to do more to address physical and emotional pain.   Holistic therapies allow us to do this and dive more deeply into what is behind the pain to address the source of the issue. 

This is where a holistic, or whole-person approach begins to show its true value.  When we look at an issue across all levels of being of the Body Matrix, like with Consciousness Medicine, we can identify the underlying and related causes of pain and treat these in a way that alleviates and eliminates the pain for good.  For example, physical pain is also a reflection of a disturbance in the energy body and emotional pain can be caused by ancestral entanglements to the pain held in our family soul.  

Through a holistic view, we can connect with the wisdom that pain offers so that we can understand its message, incorporate its teachings and grow stronger in the adversity it creates.

Pain is your body matrix’s way of trying to get your attention. To alert you to the fact that something you are doing is not working to support your health and well-being.  It can also be an indicator of a past emotional scar, physical injury or infection that has come to the surface for healing.  From this perspective, pain becomes a gift where the value must be uncovered to be fully received.  

So the first thing to do when you experience pain is to appreciate it as an important message and treat it as that.  Get quiet and connect with your body temple in a loving, grateful and supportive way to ask it what this pain is trying to tell you? What is your body trying to tell you?  Can you honor this message even if it isn’t in your plan? 

In my clinical experience, physical pain is nearly always a message that the body is crying out for rest, recovery and rejuvenation.  It can also indicate illness or disease, which develops when our system is depleted and unable to hold the life force energy it needs.  If we don’t listen to this message the pain or illness and push through or distract from the pain, it will increase as the body turns the volume up on the message.  The messages y ou need will never pass you by, including the message pain has for you. 

It’s important to note here that we are not asking WHY there is pain. Asking why only creates more of the issue so we can understand it.   The questions you want to ask instead are: What does my body need that I am not giving it? What adjustments can I make to help me get the rest and recovery I need?  How can I become more aware of the wisdom of this pain.   What good thing is it trying to bring me?  If all is in divine order, how does this challenge help me grow?  What strengths can I build in myself to overcome this challenge?

Rest and recovery are essential to treat pain and the third component, rejuvenation, is the key to creating a pain-free experience.  Our body matrix needs regular input of pure source energy to run at its full potential.  It also needs to be able to hold and recirculate this energy in a way that regenerates and rejuvenates all the systems.   What fills your life force energy tank?  Most people say things like time in nature, spending time with loved ones, laughter, creativity, taking an adventure, reaching a goal, and creating fulfilling experiences.  By keeping our life force energy tank full we help to keep our physical and emotional bodies energised so that we do not need to create pain or illness to force rest.

Take a moment now to think of all the ways you feel fulfilled in life.  Think of several answers, as relying too heavily on one source is unhealthy and unsustainable.  With this list of life force energy generators, consciously add these to your life on a daily basis.  So that you have a steady influx of life force energy that you can sustain.   Then allow yourself to hold this in your field so that you can rejuvenate any tired, weak or fragile parts.  The body must be fed with the pure frequencies of lifeforce regularly and be able to hold, recirculate and generate its power to stay healthy on all levels of being

Emotional pain indicates old patterns rising to the surface for healing.  Everything happens to serve our greatest good.  Heightened emotions are ways our system is letting us know there is a trigger from the past that is ready to be unwired so that you can progress on your personal growth path.  How is this emotional unrest making you stronger?  What is it teaching you?  If you are creating it and it is in divine order what is it’s message for you?

Is it showing you unresolved emotions from the past?  Is it trying to let you know the situation you are in is no longer serving your happiest self and its time to change?  Is it asking you to connect to the support of a trained therapist to hold the space for you to go more deeply and embody your true essence fully?

Once you begin to connect to the pain with unconditional love, respect and compassion you will be able to hear the wisdom it brings you and empower you to seek a treatment that will not just lessen symptoms but will lead you to the source of it and allow for true transformation. 

I’ll now take you through a holistic approach, using consciousness medicine to treat pain to give you some ideas for places to look within yourself to alleviate a pain state you are experiencing.

I recently treated a case of sciatica, debilitating nerve pain due to impingement of the sciatic nerve from muscle tightness, disc herniating or degenerative discs. They had been receiving treatments like osteopathy, acupuncture and physiotherapy to help release the nerve impingement.  After weeks of regular treatment, it was making little to no difference. Which is how they found their way to me, to bring in a holistic perspective. 

Sciatic pain can be caused by a variety of physical components like tight muscles, or disc issues like a herniation or degeneration.  It can also be caused by inflammation in the lower intestines that can affect the nerve pathways.  When I mentioned this the client said they had indeed picked up a digestive parasite from their recent travel.  As a naturopath, I recommended natural treatments such as grapefruit seed extract as an antimicrobial, milk thistle to support the liver in its elimination of the parasites, pre and probiotics to build normal digestive flora and castor oil pack on the sciatic nerve, lower intestine and liver to reduce inflammation and promote healing to the affected areas. 

I then turned my view to the energy body to clear disturbances and balance the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras.  These energy centres coincide with the regions in the body where pain is present.  Empowerment, boundaries, flexibility and safety are all positive traits of these energy centres.  Loss of mobility, digestive issues, anxiety and rigid thinking are all traits of imbalance in these energy centres.

Clearing, balancing and connecting the chakras along the central channel of energy helped open up the energy body’s flow to support the healing of digestion and sciatic nerve pain.  The client has instant relief of their pain.

I then worked with the experiences in their childhood from the ages of birth to twelve years old when the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras are forming.  Any old injury or trauma to the area, especially during this age range, would affect the ability of the chakra to supply the essential life force energies needed for health and well-being.  Next, I turned my attention to ancestral entanglements that could cause the pain. As the pain was in the pelvis and lower digestion on the left side of the body my focus went to healing any ancestral wounds on the feminine line. The left side of the body corresponds to the feminine, receiving and yin aspects of being. I used the Movements of the family Soul family constellation approach to release the entanglements to the pain of the past that was manifesting pain in their body.  The pain lessened again.

I then turned my attention to the parasites as a metaphor for the types of relationships this person had. As it turns out in their relationships they felt taken advantage of, over responsibility for others and tended to attract takers with little to give. Sounds a lot like parasite energy.  The client indicated they are currently working on improving their relationships, and were letting go of people who could not meet them in equanimity.   This led to working on some childhood patterns of co-dependence, people-pleasing and the rescuer archetype to revise limiting beliefs to more empowering ones.

And the pain continued to lessen. Eventually, after working to release the patterns of disturbance in the ancestral, emotional and energetic bodies the physical body was more supported in its healing process.  The pain and infection lessened to a degree that the natural remedies were now enough to support full healing of the infection so no prescription medicines were needed.

Emotional pain is more complex but follows the same structure. The pain is an indicator that your body matrix is trying to get your attention to heal old hurt or trauma.  Overwhelming emotions, like those associated with anxiety and depression, are often related to carrying the burden emotional burden of the ancestral past.  The Family Constellation Work is a powerful tool to allow the emotional burden to be set down so that the emotional pain is no longer debilitating.  I also work with NLP’s timeline therapy to look at and revise childhood imprints, limiting beliefs and old identity structures to ones that support mental health, happiness, support and self-love.  The energy body is then cleared, balanced and aligned to be able to receive life force energies to replenish the body matrix.  This helps reconnect the spiritual body to a higher frequency of joy, love and harmony that is essential to let go of emotional pain.  I then support the physical body with nutrients it may be depleted in that can support emotional well-being.

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