In today’s blog, I talk about how you can make the most of the ageing process whether you are 3, 33 or 83.  You’ll learn how you can increase your health as you age with a few simple changes to how you think about ageing.  You’ll be inspired to embrace the age that you are, let go of worry about getting older and embrace life and self-empowerment fully at each stage in your life.

  • Key Topics Include:

    • 5 key ways to adjust your mindset to maximise your ability to access full health, happiness and well-being at any age.
    • The importance of nourishing contentment.
    • How to align to your truth to reduce premature ageing.
    • Advice from centenarians (100 yrs or older) for a good life.

Ageing is something that happens to us all, with each passing moment and tick of the clock.  When we are young we can’t wait to get older.  When we are middle-aged people often try to stop or reverse the hands of time to reclaim their youth.  As we pass into the wisdom years, as I call them, the ages in between middle and elder years some move too quickly into the later years while some may continue to try to fight or become depressed with youth lost.  In the elder years, life regrets can impact happiness and preparing for transitioning into our bodiless form can often cause worry that distracts from the joy in the present moment. 

Independent of the age you are there are a few key ways to adjust your mindset to maximise your ability to access full health, happiness and well-being.  These are a regular self-love practice, paying gifts forward to your future self, seeking contentment for fulfilment, finding your rhythm and detaching your conscious presence from your physical age.

Consciousness lives outside the linear time-space models in a place of divine and eternal unity.  It does not conform to the dualistic principles that Newtonian physics creates.  Consciousness is an essence of life force energy, which is always abundant and ageless.  Becoming aware of this allows you to detach your consciousness from your physical time-on-the-planet age which is a powerful step in creating more health and well-being throughout your entire life.  As we get older, our consciousness expands with wisdom, love, connection, and abundance independent of our life story or situation.    The more time we inhabit our physical body temples, the more life force energy accumulates within our conscious presence of being.  So cultivating your conscious presence on a daily basis with mindfulness, yoga, meditation, breathwork, cultivating authentic relationships, connecting with conscious communities and working on remaining present in the moment are all great ways to build your conscious presence over a lifetime that will allow your physical body to be supported by an ever-increasing amount of conscious life force energy as you age.

Another great way to increase vitality as you age is the idea of paying gifts forward to your future self.  Becoming aware and making conscious decisions based on the idea that what you do now will either benefit or deplete you in the future.  For example, if you burn the candle at both ends and take no time to recover and rejuvenate then you are essentially borrowing energy from your future self that you will feel in ten years.  A lovely self-love practice to assist this is to make choices now that will be a gift to your future self.  For example, setting an intention is like sending a hug forward that you will receive in the future when your intention manifests.  These can be simple things like adding superfoods to your diet, going for a daily walk, prioritizing good sleep, nurturing a positive mindset, building a supportive and loving community, working in a field that you love, creating authentic connections and being consistent with your personal growth are all wonderful ways to give your future self the gift of ageing into wellness.

When a group of centenarians, those 100 years or older, were asked to give advice for a good life their top answers were: Do what you love, stay true to your principles, cherish your friendships, think positive, learn from your elders, believe in your own potential, stay curious, be kind, stay active and seek contentment in each moment as this makes the happy moments sweeter.  The happiest moments in life are sprinkled across our lifetime so rather than seeking happiness in every moment, seek contentment which paves the way to true happiness. 

Contentment is a state of happy satisfaction and an important principle to embody to embrace and enjoy being your age.  Paying more attention to what you have rather than what you don’t is the path to contentment and living life to the fullest at any age.   For example, in middle age, as the body and looks begin to change, rather than trying to overcompensate for this and create a mid-life crisis, staying focused on all the wisdom, experience, connection and love there is in your life will let this time of life settle in with more grace and ease.  The truly happy moments in life come sparingly, so the celebration is sweeter.  Striving for contentment in between the joyous events in life is a way to alleviate the stress of ageing and access greater harmony, peace and happiness.

Mid-life is also a wonderful landmark to create the intentions to make positive changes, based on this knowledge and experience, that you can work to realise over the next few decades.  Rather than looking back and wanting to recreate the past, look forward to the future because that is the direction you are going.

As the life expectancy increases, another stage of life should be added between mid-life and the elder years which I call the wisdom years.  This is the stage in life where you’ve made the adjustments in your mid-life for a fulfilling experience and the intentions have now come to fruition.  This is a stage when life can be lived based on our past self’s positive choices based on knowing who we are, what we want and most importantly what works best for us.  It is a time when we’ve found our rhythm in life, where we know what works for us and what doesn’t.  This is a powerful time to deeply embody your truth and essence so you can align your future path with true health and well-being. 

Aligning with your truth is essential for reducing the causes of premature ageing like stress, inner conflict, negative thinking and heightened emotions.  Aligning with our truth is done by asking yourself in the moment what is true for me right now.  Truth is only present in the moment, so be flexible and allow it to change as needed.  When you can identify your truth, you put yourself on the path to greater self-empowerment.  Finding your truth requires honesty, trust and presence.  Navigating by your truth allows you to align your actions, words, lifestyle and connections with greater harmony, joy and peace.  This creates a life that supports your needs to manifest your heart’s desires more easily.  The more connected you are with this energy, the more happiness and contentment you will experience allowing the gifts of ageing to become more present in your everyday life.

An important belief to embody for ageing into wellness is that everything is in divine order, and what shows up for you is always for your greatest good. This is an empowering belief that changed my life in so many positive ways, and I invite you to try it on for size and see how it fits.  The main reason why this outlook works so well is that it releases the need to judge situations, people, places and pathways.  Living from the ethos that you are always in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time allows you to let go of self-doubt and inner conflict.  It allows you to embrace the challenges of life with positivity, with a knowing that the challenges you face are designed and delivered for your personal growth.  In fact, the struggles you face are happening in direct response to what you have been asking for, as a way to remove the blockages that hold you back.  Challenges are always an invitation from the divine to develop new qualities to support the manifestation of your intentions.  For example, to build greater resilience, to access a deeper connection with yourself, to gain the strength needed to break free from past conditioning to step into the new way of being you have been asking for. 

Trusting that all is in divine order allows us to feel the support of a force greater than ourselves, that is holding space for us to become the fullest expression of the divine.  Where you can work your passion, create healthy relationships, find true happiness and act from a place of love, kindness and joy.  The sooner in life that you connect with this idea, the more relaxed, present and content you can be which allows your body to be more relaxed, stress-free and welcome in more life force energy through the connection to the divine energies that have your back 24/7.  This supports healthy ageing allowing your mental and physical health to grow into greater wellness as you age.

I hope this information allows you to open to the idea that ageing is an honor and you can become more vibrant, well and happy the older you get.  I encourage you to apply the ideas that resonate with you and explore those that don’t at a later date. By starting today to align with your truth, find your optimal rhythm, trust in the divine order, allow your consciousness to grow stronger as your physical body ages, and create a daily practice to connect and nourish your life force energies are all great ways to walk the path of ageing into wellness.

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