How Is Your Energy Today?

How is your energy today?  High or low, positive or negative, what are we actually talking about when we refer to our energy?  Most times we are talking about how fatigued or invigorated we feel or how good or bad our mood may be in any given moment.  Of course, we all know that energy is what powers appliances in our home or see this on the labels of our food telling us the nutritional value it contains.  But did you know that our physical bodies contain many kinds of energy fields that power and support our health and wellbeing?

Our physical bodies are supported by energy channels that support the flow of vital life force energy within us.  It is this vital life force that keeps us healthy, happy and strong.  When these energy channels become blocked or sluggish, our life force is weakened resulting in a variety of physical and emotional issues.  However, if we treat these issues solely on the physical level, there may be little if any relief.

There are several types of holistic therapies that work with the energy channels, from acupuncture to reiki and a whole list of others in between.  I find that skillfully working with energy centres called Chakras is a great way to support the subtle energy body, bringing forth deep healing and lasting balance.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or turning, but is also often translated as vortex or whirlpool.    We have 7 main chakras, from head to toe, with centre points located within our bodies.  These energy centres spin like wheels to create vortexes of energy that radiate outward from the body.  Each one has a different frequency of vibration that corresponds with the color spectrum of light.  The root chakra is the lowest frequency and corresponds with the color red.  The crown chakra is the highest frequency, corresponding with the color violet. The chakras are numbered 1 to 7 from the feet (1st or root) to the head (7th or crown).   Their vibrations are often depicted as lotus flowers with pedal numbers increasing as the frequency of vibration increases.

Each chakra has it’s own set of characteristics, including color, frequency of vibration, emotion, overall function, glandular association, sensory relationships, gemstones, age of development, chanting tone and neurological connections.  When they are in balance, they bring strength to these areas, but when out of balance we will have difficulties in the associated areas.

Our energy centres can become out of balance, blocked or sluggish through stress, childhood trauma, lifestyle choices, personal relationships, and environmental influences.   Since the health of our physical body is in direct relationship to the balance in our subtle energy body, then disturbances in the energy centres are almost certain to manifest as disturbances in the physical body. If there is an injury to the physical body, the energy field associated with that area on the body will also be marked with the insult.

Clearing and balancing the energy centres is a relatively easy skill to learn, requiring no previous experience or knowledge.  It involves working with an external sensor that can be used to measure the state of the energy centre (a pendulum, for example) and then utlising the power of heartfelt intention to bring forth the release of the disturbance.  This heartfelt intention is invoked through words, thoughts and full presence of being.  This can be done as a self help tool or while working with others.  The result is the energy centres move back into harmony with the true nature of their vibrational frequency, allowing for full vitality and health.


Julie Williams, Holistic Therapist, and creator of the Quantum Healing Method, holds degree in Biological Sciences with an extensive background in holistic therapies including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hellinger Family Constellation work, Naturopathy, Shamanism, and Energy Healing modalities.