The Dance of the Shadows

Has the time has come for descend and meet yourself on all levels…to explore yourself and what your choices are driven by? To release the fear, and be empowered by love. In order to do this, you must release the hold the shadows of suffering have on you.  To dance with all aspects of yourself while working to include what has been excluded (on your own soul and family soul levels). The shadows of suffering transforms into the power of love when you are ready to accept all aspects of yourself and welcome in the connection for parts lost long ago through ancestral loyalties, traumatic experiences or toxic relationships.  Here is a little lyric to help guide you in that journey….

Spirit must be free of matter

Or else it runs as Shadow (aka fear)

Life force energy goes where you focus it

It can trap us in addiction

And/or it can be a source of power and strength

It governs our very survival

Our shadow is the part that remains un-integrated or un-included

In this state, it shows up as suffering

Which we project onto others and the world

And then we create a reality where suffering is our only choice (over love)

When we make or desires conscious and focus our energy aligned with that, we can choose our behaviour ourselves

And discover that the root of desire is the longing for the unity that we call love

When we connect fully to this source, the illusion of non-unity drops away

And we can now chose consciously to be, act and connect from a place of love over fear