The Power of Nutrition

Good nutrition is a MAJOR contributor to balanced mental health. It’s one of the simplest ways to make a difference yet can be the hardest to change for some people. The power of nutrition is one of the must under-utilised tools in physical and mental health. Once you feel the power of eating healthy, it makes it easier too find the disciple needed to create new habits that last.

Here’s some ways to make healthier choices about what you choose to eat:

1. Make small changes to your diet over time rather than a radical elimination approach. This helps build healthy habits without feeling depleted or like you’re missing out.

2. Everything in moderation, including moderation. If you want to eliminate unhealthy food, do so for the majority of your meals and listen to the inner cravings for your salty, sweet or fatty (trigger) foods. Allowing yourself to have these on occasion will release the obsession factor that can come with cutting foods out completely.

The key here is that if you do entertain your cravings, eat these foods mindfully. Stay present and notice how you feel taking them in. This alone can help you make a different choice the next time a craving occurs.

3. Find healthier options for snacking that honours your cravings. For example, if you crave a sugary snack try dried fruit. If you’re craving carbs, fats or salts try sweet potato baked ‘fries’ instead of deep fried options or junk food.

4. Recognise the emotions associated with comfort eating as a message from your inner child. What does that little one really need? Support, rest, love?

5. If you’re craving processed food take a moment and ask yourself if you can make the same thing yourself. Homemade junk food is a lot healthier than processed junk food.

Paying closer attention to the ingredients can help to squelch the craving itself. Taking the time to prepare the food also allows for emotional eating triggers to lessen and relieve the craving.

6. Acknowledge food as a way of giving your mind, body and spirit life force energy. Potato crisps have low life force energy, for example. A balanced homemade meal has way more life force energy. Make your choices based on the best life force fuel for the body temple that houses your soul.

In my clinical practice I have learned that if the issue is about food it is never about food but rather something deeper. When we work with revising behaviours around food triggers we gain access to the deeper imprints underneath. Using the recommendations above, you can begin to uncover the hidden dynamics that are tangled up in your relationship with food and begin to make healthy choices that will benefit you on all levels of being.

In my personal life, nutrition is my number one go-to when I am feeling less than optimal. I eat vegetarian and use supplements and herbs as needed to make adjustments as needed. As a naturopath, trained in nutrition, I also like to assist my clients in their soul transformations by making nutritional recommendations. This helps support their physical body in integrating the energy healing that Consciousness Medicine brings.